Where to go in Dubai

Sun, beaches, shopping, exoticism and entertainment for all tastes – all this is generously offered to the army of tourists going on vacation in any, more or less civilized hot country.

And sometimes you want something amazingly unusual and unknown. Do you need a twist? That the experience overwhelmed and you vomit with gusto talk about the vacation spent? Then you need to go to Dubai. Welcome to Dubai. Here you will be welcomed, surprised and delighted with hospitality and diversity. Every second building in Dubai can claim to be the eighth wonder of the world, and there really are enough of them. We’ll help you get your bearings and visit some of the best places to see in Dubai.

Take the Metro
To say that the subway in Dubai is a way to get around is to say nothing. Judge for yourself: television, air conditioning, internet in every car. The trains move without a driver, full automation, each compartment is scented, and the cleanliness is perfect. It’s amazing the attention to detail and comfort in everything. You fly, enjoying life.
Have a sweet treat.

Candylicious is a candy store in Dubai. It has delicious treats from all over the world. Skinny people should avoid this place but if you are tempted you won’t regret it. The 930-square-meter store offers enormous sizes of lollipops, gingerbread houses, candy trees, free Mexican chocolates with pepper, popular Turkish cakes with nuts, Russian chocolate “caviar”, enormous chupa-chups and other sweets from around the world. True, you can’t take pictures at Candylicious, but you’ll be overwhelmed by the experience.

Try the black lemon
The Dubai Spice Market is another place worth visiting. Black lemon powder is the main spice of the market. Here, the Arab market culture reveals itself to the fullest extent. The assortment of spices and spices is so huge that the eyes are confused by the speckled goods on the rich counters. There is enough exoticism and temptation, and the aroma is such that the appetite does not stand still and excitement is great.

Swim with sharks
This entertainment is offered in the world’s largest aquarium, also located in Dubai. Thirty-three thousand sea creatures, an underwater zoo, a rainforest, a fish restaurant – all at your disposal, as for swimming with sharks, it is really possible. Twenty minutes are offered to all adults who wish to watch the sharks not through the glass, but by diving to the bottom of the aquarium.

Welcome to the Gold Market
Once at the Gold Market in Dubai, don’t be surprised if you get a fever pitch. The richest treasures and mountains of gold sparkle, shimmer and beckon with their beauty. This is something to see: gold, pink, yellow gold, precious stones, pearls, coins, bars and jewelry for the most demanding tastes. The variety is impressive, and the prices are also pleasing, as Arabian gold is considered the most inexpensive. If you want to buy something, bargain bravely, as there is no way to do it without it. You can knock down the price by a third.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, inside of which there is a whole city with apartments, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, singing fountains. You can wander here more than one day, there is something to see, amazing at every step.

In Dubai, where every square meter is reclaimed from the desert, where everything feels a genuine Emirati love for his country, it is easy to relax and enjoy. It is hard to believe that the humblest village in Dubai in a short time, thanks to oil production, as by magic turned into a modern metropolis.

To admire and tell about this country is endless. Service at the highest level, decent reception, hospitality and a great range of entertainment – isn’t that what everyone going on vacation dreams about? Dubai will make your dreams of a fabulous trip come true.

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