When it is cheaper to go to the UAE

In winter, when in their states are cracking fierce frosts, many travelers with pleasure go on vacation in a hot country. And it should be noted that this is a beneficial change of climate has a rather positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of man. The UAE is just one of these places, in which the coldest months tourists can arrange for a luxurious beach holiday. Of all the resorts in the country the most popular is Dubai, as it has a very clean sea, comfortable climate, and a high level of service. All this put together guarantees everyone an excellent holiday.

In principle, Dubai can be visited almost all year round, because the temperature there never drops below +25 degrees. The sea is always warm, and hotels, cafes, restaurants and stores are open all the time – without days off. Experienced tourists and experts in the field of tourism note that the UAE is unfavorable to visit in the calendar summer months, when the thermometer goes over the figure of +50 degrees.

Especially this point should be considered those tourists who have any health problems – for example hypertension, cardiovascular disease, as well as respiratory problems. Such people are definitely better to refuse to travel to the UAE during this period.

For other categories of holidaymakers who are not subject to this kind of disease, we can note that this period of the year, but it has several very attractive features. Much reduced flow of tourists in the country and you can quietly see the sights, lie on the beach and walk the streets without the rush, bustle and bustle.

Then in the summer months the cost of the trips themselves are significantly reduced, and food and accommodation become quite adequately priced because of the low unpopular season. Shopping lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the fact that during this period in stores are very large discounts. Yes, and the heat in the Emirates in principle is not too hard to endure, because absolutely all buildings and premises are equipped with air conditioning. They are incidentally present, even at bus stops.

Well, the most favorable period for recreation in the UAE is from October to March. During this period the air temperature does not get higher than +35 degrees, and the water temperature is kept at around +21 degrees. That is, this time is very favorable for a comfortable holiday. And of course this season is actually considered the most saturated – a lot of tourists come from different countries of the world and of course prices soar to the ceiling.

Well, do not forget that the favorable time to visit the UAE is divided into two seasons. The first is hot and humid, which lasts from May to October. at this time everyone has to put up with not only the high temperatures. But also with the stuffiness. And the second period is warm and low-humidity, it begins in November and ends around April. It is also worth noting that in the UAE sand (dust) storms periodically occur, which usually begin suddenly and quickly ends, but manages to make the life of tourists a certain discomfort.

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