When is it cheaper to go to Dubai?

What month is cheaper to go to dubai?

I want to buy a trip to the UAE in April, when is it better to buy? early booking or just before departure?

I have been planning holidays in the UAE for a year and from personal observations of holiday prices, I can say that it is cheaper to go in the summer. Prices drop significantly due to the fact that it is very hot in the summer months. The biggest drop in prices is during Ramadan. But this does not mean that at this time it is impossible to be in the UAE. I went in August during Ramadan. Due to the fact that in the UAE there is air conditioning everywhere (even at bus stops) you can perfectly tolerate the heat. In addition, many stores have discounts. And at the end of Ramadan for 3 days there is a holiday, during which various discount actions are held in the stores. A year ago the trip cost me about $450 for 1 person. I think it’s a great price for a holiday in the UAE.

The most favorable months for recreation are October, November, December, January, February and March at this time the air temperature ranges from +35 to +25. Beginning in April and all summer months begins the heat from +35 to +50 is the most unfavorable time to rest. Here and count the good months for a holiday prices are the highest, with the onset of heat prices creep down.

We last year we were planning a vacation to the UAE, so I was also wondering when the trip is cheaper. To my surprise, found that the cheapest way to travel can be bought from July to September, the more so many tour operators offer good discounts, because of – because of the hot and sultry climate is not a crazy rush of tourists. Our friends vacationed in Dubai in August 2012, were very pleased with the trip they cost $ 1100 for two. In addition, they said that during this period, until September, as a rule, very big discounts on branded clothing, so you can arrange yourself shopping at the best prices.

And we in Norilsk, the price of a tour package for one costs 52,000 rubles for 13 days.

I do not quite agree with the previous author, from Novosibirsk in the period from December to January the prices of packages to Dubai – from 11000 to 20000 rubles. This is very cheap, because at this time in Dubai it is not very hot and most tourists do not swim in the sea. The water temperature in the sea at this time is +20-21 degrees. The winter time for visiting Dubai is attractive only in terms of sightseeing. Most tourists still visit this resort in February and April, when you can enjoy the sea and go on excursions.

It’s cheaper from November to February. In February, many go to the trade festival, prices are already beginning to rise. This year the UAE from Novosibirsk was from 6500 rubles (depart from January 4), as in the New Year holidays, a sharp decline in tourists, although the country’s weekend. Since May the average price for a trip per person is 40 thousand rubles.

We went with my husband in November, the end is super, and the water and the sun is like fresh milk.

And we have a trip to Surgut in January costs from 45000 for 1 person.

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