When to go to Dubai?

When to go to Dubai? That’s for everyone to decide for themselves. I will try to explain the pros and cons of each time of year, and you decide for yourself.

Dubai in summer.

It so happens that most people in our country are going to go to the sea in the summer. So what about visiting Dubai in the summer?

It’s simple. In summer it is much cheaper. Rest you in July could be two times cheaper than in January.

It would seem, why? Because summertime is the most popular season, but no.

The fact is that in summer it is unbearably hot in Dubai. The average summer temperature here is +33 degrees Celsius, and in the daytime can reach almost 50 degrees. The humidity tends to zero, and to be outside is almost unbearable.

Summer is the ideal time to go shopping in Dubai, if your route will be a hotel-taxi-dubai-mall-taxi-hotel. Everywhere is air-conditioned and you will not feel much discomfort. But the prices of flights, accommodation, and the goods themselves are much lower.

But if you want to come to Dubai to explore the city well and do a lot of sightseeing, summer is the worst time to do it.

When I was talking to the tour guide I went with from Dubai to Oman, he told me, “Summer is my favorite time of year in Dubai. It’s the time of year I love my job” and after waiting for a pause he added: “You tourists sometimes don’t even go out on excursions. You run out, buy some churchella and get back on the bus, under the air conditioning. I think that the ski resort in the Mall of Emirates is one of the most popular places among tourists in the summer.

And so, vacationing in Dubai in the summer:

Dubai in winter.

Here in winter in Dubai is very comfortable. I personally was in February. It is pleasant to be outside, practically not hot. The water in the Persian Gulf is lovely. What can I say, Dubai is heaven on earth in February.

Now guess the downside of Dubai in winter. Yes, yes, it is much more expensive in winter, especially during the New Year, when crowds of tourists flock here. Of course, there is a reason to go here on New Year’s Eve. Everyone has seen the New Year’s fireworks in Dubai, which entered the Guinness Book of World Records, right? But if you want to really see this wonderful emirate and travel around the UAE, then I recommend choosing one of the winter months. The prices are higher, but it is worth it. The average temperature at this time is 20 degrees, during the day can go up to 25 and, very rarely, up to 30.

And so, a holiday in Dubai in winter:

+ Very comfortable conditions, water and air temperatures are perfect.

– Much more expensive than in summer.

I will not describe the fall and spring in Dubai. These are transitional periods, when it’s already getting hot here, and prices haven’t yet reached their peak. Perhaps for many this will be a good option.

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